Friday, June 24, 2011

The Senators Won The Cup!!!

Okay, so I'm talking about the Binghamton Senators, not the Ottawa Senators. And I'm talking about the Calder Cup, not the Stanley Cup. But, if some of those kids eventually get called up to the NHL Senators, who knows? This happened nearly three weeks ago, but since I'm getting caught up, I thought I'd mention this. I recently purchased a B-Sens jersey from a guy in Wisconsin who sells a TON of various sports memorabilia. (check out for more info) It was not a game worn, but indeed an authentic, and since it's minor league, that's fine with me. I got this jersey in late April, and since I was moving, and AHL games tend not to be nationally televised, I didn't get a chance to wear this jersey while watching any of the playoff games, but it sure is a sweet jersey. 

And customized with Jason Spezza's Binghamton number 9. Awesome. This is the 2nd B-Sens jersey I have. Several years ago, I purchased this one directly from the team via eBay. Now, that is a story within itself. I still think that the guy who was in charge of merchandising tried to rip me off. It wasn't until I filed a claim with Visa that I suddenly got my jersey after nearly two months. But that's water under the bridge.
Sweet. Worth the trouble.

And of course, I have the official New Era fitted Binghamton Senators cap.
Now I just have to hope that the Sens on the farm winning their championship can somehow inspire Ottawa to win a Stanley Cup. We've got an awesome new coach in former Red Wings assistant Paul MacLean (someone accustomed to winning) and with a crap-ton of draft picks tonight, I am optimistic, albeit cautiously, that good times aren't too far ahead. Just one. All I want is just one. 

Then I can die happy.

Latest Acquisitions (caps... a lot of caps)

Well, there's been a ton going on. There was a move, a lot of traveling at work, and just various other things that have kept me from updating this, or any of my blogs for two and a half months. Being lazy had absolutely nothing to do with it, I swear!

Having said that, as a cap collector, the beginning of a new baseball season is one of my favorite times of the year! So many new minor league logos appear, and of course there are a handful that I want. So far I've gotten a couple of the new logos (Bakersfield, Asheville, etc) and I think they are awesome. The Blaze cap is one of my very favorites. But with being the best source for a wide range of minor league caps, I decided to catch up on some of the logos I've neglected to get over the past couple of seasons. So, without further adieu, here are my latest minor league acquisitions:
Durham Bulls. Triple-A International League affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. Obviously, a classic since 1988 thanks to the movie "Bull Durham," but at the same time, just an awesome looking cap.

Kingsport Mets. I love it when the minor league affiliate bases their cap logos on the parent team. You don't see a lot of this anymore. Mostly in the lower class leagues. Kingsport is the short season rookie league affiliate of the Mets, playing in the Appalachian League.

Quad Cities River Bandits. Midwest League (single A) affiliate of the Cardinals. They have a cool raccoon logo on their home cap, but I have a soft spot for simple letter logos, which is why I chose to get their road cap.

Now, I have no love for the San Francisco Giants, but I've always thought the simplistic take on the parent team used here by the San Jose Giants (California League, A-advanced) is pretty cool. I have an older SJ Giants cap from the 1980s that doesn't look too much different than this one.

Staten Island Yankees. NY-Penn League (short season A) affiliate of the... well, let's just say this is the first time I've owned anything affiliated with the New York Yankees. But I've wanted this cap since I first laid eyes on it last season. Every time I'd go to order it, they'd be out of my size. I got lucky this week!

Tacoma Rainiers. Pacific Coast League (AAA) affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. I have one other Rainiers cap that I like better than this one, but I just have a feeling this one will grow on me.
 And now, moving on to the Major League Baseball caps...
A customer came into my store about a month ago wearing this cap and I thought it was time to get off the fence and get this cap. I've never been a fan of the cartoonish bird, but this is the Baltimore Orioles cap of my youth, and since I've been acquiring other Cooperstown caps from that era, I figured I'd have to get it eventually.

Los Angeles Angels. Yes, before they were in Anaheim. The team is currently going through its 50th anniversary season and they have been bringing back some of the classic logos. (future blog will feature my Angels cap collection) I have this cap already, but without the silver halo. Thought I should add this one to my collection. As a bonus, it has the Angels 50th anniversary logo on the side.

MLB's annual money grab errrrr...... Stars and Stripes collection features last year's white crown, but with the side and back panels in either blue or red. (still not sure how they determine which team gets which color) Naturally, I had to continue the collection here and get this year's Rockies version. I'm sure next year will be white with blue panels. I'll get that one as well.

And last... Black and white Colorado Rockies cap. It was on sale, and though I'm not a big fan of the "pop" colored caps, this one looks sharp. I had never seen one at a retail store, and since it was on sale, I scarfed it up. Cool add to my Rockies cap collection.

So there you have it. All caught up. I'd love to hear any thoughts on my latest, or anything anyone has to say about a favorite cap. Maybe someday I can get 10,000 page views like my friend Matt at The Fitted Diaries. (haha) He is sort of my inspiration for this blog. Always nice to know there are others out there obsessed with the fitteds.

So coming soon I'll feature another of my favorite teams and the reasons why I like them. I missed some opportunities, such  as Manchester United winning its 19th league title. Along with UConn, they are the team I do root for that doesn't suck. But hey, the Rockies are starting to play well again, Ricky Rubio is coming to Minnesota to play for the Wolves, and the Sens are... well, the draft is tonight, so we'll see. Until next time...

Oh, and snapbacks still suck.