Friday, June 24, 2011

The Senators Won The Cup!!!

Okay, so I'm talking about the Binghamton Senators, not the Ottawa Senators. And I'm talking about the Calder Cup, not the Stanley Cup. But, if some of those kids eventually get called up to the NHL Senators, who knows? This happened nearly three weeks ago, but since I'm getting caught up, I thought I'd mention this. I recently purchased a B-Sens jersey from a guy in Wisconsin who sells a TON of various sports memorabilia. (check out for more info) It was not a game worn, but indeed an authentic, and since it's minor league, that's fine with me. I got this jersey in late April, and since I was moving, and AHL games tend not to be nationally televised, I didn't get a chance to wear this jersey while watching any of the playoff games, but it sure is a sweet jersey. 

And customized with Jason Spezza's Binghamton number 9. Awesome. This is the 2nd B-Sens jersey I have. Several years ago, I purchased this one directly from the team via eBay. Now, that is a story within itself. I still think that the guy who was in charge of merchandising tried to rip me off. It wasn't until I filed a claim with Visa that I suddenly got my jersey after nearly two months. But that's water under the bridge.
Sweet. Worth the trouble.

And of course, I have the official New Era fitted Binghamton Senators cap.
Now I just have to hope that the Sens on the farm winning their championship can somehow inspire Ottawa to win a Stanley Cup. We've got an awesome new coach in former Red Wings assistant Paul MacLean (someone accustomed to winning) and with a crap-ton of draft picks tonight, I am optimistic, albeit cautiously, that good times aren't too far ahead. Just one. All I want is just one. 

Then I can die happy.

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