Monday, June 17, 2013

The New Office (almost completed)

It's been three months since I posted my last entry here. Just a lot going on with the new baby, moving, etc... One of the things I started doing just before the baby came, in anticipation of the move which took place in April, was beginning the drawn out process of dismantling my old cap wall.

I was rather proud of that wall, as it was what I felt was a rather ingenious design, especially once I constructed the bridge over the door. It was rather heartbreaking knowing that I would not be able to replicate this at the place where we were moving. Alas, I had to say goodbye.

The way we were...

But now as we've nearly almost settled into our new space, I've had some requests to show how the new cap wall was coming along. I'm quite proud of it. First of all, it is a larger space providing for almost an additional 60 caps on the walls. Instead of being on adjacent walls, they are on opposite walls. I wasn't sure if I'd like that considering how much I liked my previous iteration (not that I had much choice) but I'm pretty happy with it. I can even add a larger version of my coveted bridge if I ever feel the need, but let's pace ourselves here.

I didn't want to post anything until it was complete. Two months later it's still not 100% finished, but enough to where one could get the gist of it.

So here it goes.

Room for expansion.

So this is what you'd see if you were walking into the office space. Eventually that unsightly cord will be hidden by more shelves and more caps. This is what I refer to as the 'B' wall, only because it has the end of the alphabet in my Minor League collection. Oh, and to the right is an actual desk in case I want to do actual office type work.

The 'A' wall. And some of my other collectibles.

This is the primary cap wall. 15 caps high and 15 caps long. This was exactly how I pictured this wall when I first saw this room. I entertained putting caps on this adjacent wall but it was much too short. Instead I adorned it with some of my favorite collectible pieces.

I've got my Lake Elsinore Storm jersey (#19 of course) My Visalia Oaks jersey (also #19)  I framed these particular jerseys because they represent different phases of my interest in minor league baseball. I was a HUGE Storm fan from 1994-1996 before various significant life events necessitated a change in priorities.

By the time I picked it back up, Lake Elsinore had changed logos and affiliations, so I started rooting for Visalia due to their affiliation with the Rockies. Now, of course I root for Modesto in the Cal League.

Between the jerseys is my autographed Louisville Slugger signed by the entire 2003 High Desert Mavericks baseball club. You can check. Nobody of note was on that team. It was quite the controversy that the Brewers refused to send their top prospects to Adelanto, so we missed out on seeing on all the guys who are now big names. 

Also on this wall is a replica Interstate 19 sign. As much as I'd like to say I traveled to Tucson and acquired this sign in the dark of the night, it is not so.

My authentic lighted Chevron sign. One of those things I just decided I had to have. These are now worth quite a bit more than what I paid for it. You never know.

And finally, my framed print of the Beach Boys Smile album, autographed by the artist, Frank Holmes. More on that in another blog.

The 'A' wall in its entirety.
As I mentioned, 15x15. This covers miscellaneous caps on the top shelf, my NBA collection, NCAA, NFL, NHL, MLB and the beginning of MiLB with some other caps in between. My solitary CFL and English Premiere League caps, as well as the only Negro League cap I own. When I acquire new caps that belong on this wall, well it takes up an afternoon to get everything in its right place.

The 'B' wall in its entirety.
This wall covers minor league baseball until the end of the alphabet. I don't have these all displayed yet, which is why it ends with Visalia. Also, I noticed that for some reason Reno, Riverside and Salem all ended up on the wrong shelf somehow. I just opted not to take another picture. This wall eventually will end with various independent league baseball teams.

The hidden corner.

Usually I have the door open, but in the instance where I don't, I have these displayed. My framed newspapers from when the Senators won their first playoff series in 1998 and when the Rockies advanced to the World Series in 2007. I've got another Highway 19 sign, this one from 1920s Texas, or so I was told. I also have this new display case where I keep my autographed baseballs and pucks. Included I have various minor league players. I do have Jim Abbott, Reggie Jackson, Darin Erstad and Fernando Valenzuela. The latter two I acquired myself at Maverick Stadium when Erstad was drafted and assigned to Lake Elsinore in 1995. Fernando was at a game in 2005 watching his son playing. The signed pucks I have are a Uwe Krupp Red Wings puck and a Wilf Paiement puck. I have this thing for the NHL Colorado Rockies, as you might notice. Oh, also a New Era burlap bag filled with Cal League baseballs. The cowboy hat is a family heirloom given to my by my stepdad.

These are all throwbacks. Weird.
There was a time in the 90s when I referred to this (in another location) as my Wall Of Shame. Funny because between 2006 and 2007 all three of them made their respective league championships. And lost.

This space would be where the 'bridge' would go if I ever need extra space.

Some oldies but goodies.

In the corner above my desk I have this awesome Coca-Cola lamp and the pennants of the first two sports teams I ever fell in love with. More on that another time.

Where it all began.
Here in the case is the first fitted cap I ever owned. My father bought me this cap on my birthday in 1989 at Anaheim Stadium. Doesn't fit me anymore, but it has a lot of special meaning to me. Stacked on top are the caps awaiting a shelf. The one on the end there is an adjustable Coors cap that I had gotten for my dad. I got it back after he died and I just like having it around. I think that griffin logo would make a pretty sweet fitted.

Yes, that's an XBOX and a Dreamcast.
Inside the closet is where I have my little tv situated. When the kids are watching whatever Disney stuff they're watching, I can be up here watching my game. Also tucked in there is my Recap Kit, and an old New Era shaping block I acquired from them many, many years ago which has been invaluable to me. And of course, the New Era mat.

Well, that concludes the tour of the new and improved office. The space is bigger, it's actually not as cluttered as my previous space. I have room for expansion, and I can close the closet door to make it look even cleaner.

The only downside, if you want to call it one, is that unlike the last place, I have no practical way to photograph the entire collection in a single panoramic shot. But it is what it is, and I'm pretty proud of it.

Hope you enjoyed it, and if there's any particular cap you have a question about or want to see up close, just let me know. Either comment here or hit me up on Twitter @interstate19

Once the wall is complete I will post an updated picture.

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  1. Much respect. I, too am a fitted cap collector, and have to say your collection is very impressive (minus the lack of NY Yankees caps.. but I'm sure you have your reasons). I also am in the process of getting ready to move, and am looking forward to a room where I can build a display similar to yours. I have to say this is an absolute inspiration, because there are so many people who don't understand why I collect caps in the fashion that I do. Thank you for putting this out for all to see.

    PS: I too have a "classic" X-box Halo addition. I find that interesting that you also have one as I don't see many people with that particular model.