Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Latest Acquisitions (Northern League baseball caps)

So I'm a little behind, but I wanted to show off the cap I received last week:
Thunder Bay Whiskey Jacks. Playing out of Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada) the Jacks were one of the original six members of the independent baseball Northern League. They played as the Whiskey Jacks from 1993-1998 before relocating to Schaumburg, Illinois as the Schaumburg Flyers. This cap is a fitted New Era 5950, and is one of three such Northern League caps I now own. The other two are as follows:
Duluth-Superior Dukes. Playing out of Duluth, Minnesota. Played from 1993-2002 before relocating to Kansas City, MO and now are known as the Kansas City T-Bones. I acquired this cap last summer.

St. Paul Saints, from St. Paul, Minnesota. This team still exists, although they now play in the independent baseball league known as the American Association. This cap, which I actually purchased in 1996 is one of my very favorites. A very simple, classy and classic logo. No fancy cartoon characters or funky fonts. Just a stylish meshing of the letters making up the initials of the city it represents. I love this cap and I would kill to find a duplicate. It's a good thing I take care of my caps.

So all I need now to complete my quest to have all six original Northern League teams in a fitted New Era are the caps of the Rochester Aces, Sioux Falls Canaries and the Sioux City Explorers.

The journey continues...

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