Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Era Alphabet Challenge - B

Today's letter might prove to be somewhat unpopular with some baseball purists. There are some obvious choices when it comes to caps sporting the letter B, and it may raise some eyebrows that I did not select one that people think I should.

But that's why I'm blogging about this.

And for the record, I don't even own a Boston Red Sox cap, so chowds can stop reading right now.

I own nine caps sporting a single B on the front, and the one I've chosen to wear today is this one:

Simple. Clean. Sharp. Bakersfield Blaze.

I fell in love with this cap the first moment I laid eyes on it. Solid black, black scripted B accented by orange and white. After a few years of sporting the so-called flaming leaf logo, the Blaze smartly rebranded, deciding to go against the trend of gaudy and grandiose (ha) and rolling out this very simple look. It's a classic and timeless logo, and I for one place this in the top echelon of minor league baseball caps.

In case you're curious or have never seen it, here is the previous Blaze logo:


At first I was skeptical, but of course I had to have one. Now that it's defunct, I'm sure glad I do have one.

And what of the letter B caps I passed over? Well, here's a quick glimpse:
Brought to you by the letter...
So as you can see I passed on the classic Brooklyn Dodgers cap. This is not a slight to them, I'm just more at home with minor league logos, I guess. The Dodgers in particular are a team whose history is overwhelming, and in no way can anyone diminish what they accomplished socially. Truth be told, I simply wear the Bakersfield cap more.

Ironically, when Bakersfield was a minor league affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 90s, this is the cap they wore:

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