Friday, July 26, 2013

New Era Alphabet Challenge - C

Today I had a lot of really classic caps to choose from. Some classic Major League Baseball teams happen to sport a solitary letter C on the front of their cap. But I decided to go with one that has a little more personal historical value.

Representing the letter C:

UConn, not Yukon.

University of Connecticut Huskies. I happen to be a fan of their basketball team, men and women. The story behind how I became a UConn fan is the subject of an earlier blog post, which you can view here if you're curious. It's a funny story, actually.

But as far as the cap goes, here's some background: I purchased this cap in 1996 after receiving my very first StarStruck catalog*. I purchased this cap along with a St. Paul Saints and a Salt Lake Buzz cap. My serious collecting was in its infancy, but it was really one of the first caps I acquired that was outside of my comfort zone of Angels, Rockies, Lake Elsinore Storm and a handful of other ones I had picked up on trips to Colorado. Mail ordering caps was new to me. Back then you had to actually dial a number and place an order over the phone. There was no computer tracking number. You just had to wait patiently for the mail to arrive every day. Sigh... the 90s...

I have since acquired an updated version of this cap, with a fancier C and a navy button instead of the white one here. I like it, but it'll never match the simple elegance of this one. Also, even though I don't really talk about NCAA basketball much, UConn is one of the few teams I follow that have actually won a championship. And if you read the story I linked above, there is always that element where a memory of my father is involved. And that's why I chose this cap to represent letter C.

Sorry Cubs fans.

Here are some of the other C caps I have that I also own:

Some great logos, but not as much meaning to me.

I want to point out that the front left cap (Connecticut Tigers) is in my opinion one of the coolest logos in minor league baseball. An old English C? Oh, how I love it when a minor league team incorporates the parent logo into their own.

* If you never browsed a StarStruck catalog it is indeed a shame. I think old school cap collectors will agree that they were as close to a hat bible as you could get. It was a sad day when StarStruck stopped carrying minor league baseball caps.

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