Friday, August 2, 2013

New Era Alphabet Challenge - J

So today's cap is the toughest choice yet. When you're talking about J caps, these are some of the coolest ones I own. I mean, just look at these:

A dream come true for someone who likes parent team logo influence.

You've got, from left to right, Jacksonville Suns (throwback), Jacksonville Expos and (believe it or not) the current alternate cap of the Jacksonville Suns. Earlier this year I wrote extensively of my Jacksonville cap collection, which you can read about here.

The middle cap, the Jacksonville Expos cap, I must confess, is a "snapback." Back in the 80s when this cap was worn, we called it an "adjustable." And I must further confess that if this cap was fitted it probably would have been my selection to represent Letter J. I mean, come on. It's the Montreal Expos logo, one of the greatest ever, trimmed to a J. How freaking awesome is that? Doubtful that a fitted version of this cap will ever exist.

Or will it?

The New Era Flagship store in Miami, FL has a custom version of this cap, albeit in a different colorway, available for sale. At least they did as evidenced by the following blog entry by Benjamin Christensen (Twitter handle @shakabrodie) He has written extensively about this amazing cap. You can read about it here. Hopefully they still do as I'm hoping to somehow score one someday.

 So of the two remaining, which one did I choose to represent J? The Mets or Pirates lookalike? They are both incredible logos, but in the end I had to roll with this one:

Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver wore this cap! Well, not this one, but you get it.

From 1966-68 the Suns were affiliated with the New York Mets and wore this incredible cap. It is one of my favorites of my entire collection. Unfortunately, the Suns do not offer this cap for sale any longer on their website, which makes me grateful I bought it when I did.

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