Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Era Alphabet Challenge - K

So here I am again, working on the latest letter and having nothing in particular to say about it. Letter K is one where I only own a single cap with that letter. In fact, when I purchased this cap two years ago, that was actually the reason I bought it. Because I thought it looked cool and I didn't have a cap with the letter K.

So let's just cut to the chase:

Kingsport Mets. Rookie league affiliate of the, you guessed it!

It's hard to explain but I think that blue and orange work well together. Denver Broncos (prior to those nasty USFL jerseys they wear these days), New York Islanders (even though I don't like the team), and the New York Mets. And as I've previously stated, I really like minor league teams that incorporate the parent logo into their own. A simple Mets-esque K. Looks simple and beautiful. And actually, the only NY Mets cap I own is the same colorway as the Kingsport one.

I do intend on getting a standard Mets cap someday.
I acquired the Kingsport cap a couple of years back after checking every minor league website, which is something I do a month or so into baseball season. A lot of teams offer unique alternate caps that you won't see on any other website. I've gotten a lot of caps that way, directly from the team. This one, however I did order through The Kingsport website does not link directly to their store, but checking out their site did give me a good look at it, which made choosing to order it easy when I saw it available through Lids.

As I stated, I have no other cap featuring a single letter K, so here you go. Kingsport Mets, representing Letter K.

(I just found out while writing this that Kingsport is in Tennessee. Who knew?)

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