Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Era Alphabet Challenge - O

So tonight's cap, representing Letter O, is a rather personal one. After all, this cap is a cap of my favorite team in my favorite sport. It's actually rather surprising that I have so many caps with a letter O on the front. Six total, and three of them don't have animals on or in the O to make them less plain. Well, I don't find them plain, but I guess some might say that it would make for a pretty boring logo. As I will show, the oval shaped letter can make for a pretty good looking cap.

As for the cap I've chosen to represent the Letter O:

My beloved Ottawa Senators.

At this point I'd get into a little bit about my history following this team. I actually did a rather comprehensive write up on this back in March, which I invite you to read here. No point in rehashing the long story of my Senators fandom when I've already written it. But trust me. It's a good read, particularly if you love the team that you root for.

This logo actually represents the original Ottawa Senators, from the early 20th Century. But there it is, just a simple O. This cap is a custom that I acquired through Hat Club a couple of years back. It's great because it's perfect to wear with their awesome Heritage jersey.

Sadly, Daniel Alfredsson is a Red Wing now, but I'll still wear this jersey.

Sigh... I can't wait for October.

As for the other O caps, here's a quick composite of the ones I passed over.

O... yeah...

The 1901 Baltimore Orioles (far left) and Omaha Royals (2nd from left) are great examples that a letter O can look great on a cap. The others are the Orem Owlz, Missoula Osprey and Ogden Raptors. Oddly enough, all three of those teams are members of the rookie class Pioneer League.

I may have a lot of hats, and I do wear many of them. Even some of teams that I may not particularly root for. But I do love wearing the caps of the teams that I truly love from any sport. And of all of my favorite sports franchises, this Ottawa Senators cap is the only one that contains a single letter.

I wear it proudly.

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