Friday, January 3, 2014

New Era Deep Cuts - 3 of 365 - Modesto A's

After the 2004 minor league baseball season ended, the so-called "affiliate dance" started and resulted in my beloved Colorado Rockies switching Cal League affiliates from Visalia to Modesto. Since the Modesto franchise was certain to change its name from the A's, it would have been logical to wait for the new name, logo and gear to be released before grabbing any of it and adding it to my collection. After all, I pride myself on having a cap from every Rockies minor league affiliate in their history.

Logic has little to do when you're an impatient collector.

Upon learning that the Rockies would be setting up shop in Modesto, I went and grabbed me a Modesto A's cap and jersey, because that made sense, right?

That is one hardcore looking elephant.

As we all know, the team became the Modesto Nuts. A bit of a laughingstock when first announced, but now it is not only accepted, but cherished as one of the more unique names in baseball. But I was proud to have something to represent Modesto, even if it was for the previous affiliate. I wore this cap and jersey quite a bit during the 2005 season, only because I was unable to get a Nuts jersey to compliment my new Nuts cap. I honestly love the jersey, wordmark of which is in the picture. The forest green and black just look awesome together. I've even had offers for both the cap and the jersey, but I could never part with them.

Once my Nuts caps were nice and worn in, the A's cap rarely gets more than a passive glance. It looks amazing on the shelf, but I just don't have the occasion to wear it very often. Maybe once or twice a year. Still, the elephant's face is detailed enough to look classy enough to not be considered gaudy, or silly looking, as some animal logos tend to be. (I'm thinking about a recent canine addition to the minor league circuit)

If I was an A's fan, this would with no doubt be one of my go-to caps. And if there are any A's fans who read this and like the cap, I've seen reproductions of it available on HatClub's website. Great pickup, if you can find it.

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  1. What size is that cap? I would pay a premium if it fit me. Ive wanted it for years!