Monday, January 6, 2014

New Era Deep Cuts - 6 of 365 - High Desert Mavericks

Tonight's Deep Cuts cap comes from my own back yard. The cap of my home town High Desert Mavericks. This team came into existence in 1991 and has basically used the same cap logo for its entire life. They have had solid black crown, black crown/red visor, red crown/black visor... but always the same logo. A stylized M with a black cowboy hat. Very simple, very classy and very underrated. Seriously, you should check out the Mavs' primary cap and add it to your collection.

But, on a fine day in early 2012 it came to my attention that the team was adding not one, but two new logos to its cap arsenal. One of them was an alternate cap which features no letter, but a brooding cowboy. (I'll feature this cap later on as it is one of my favorite MiLB caps) The other was also a first for the Mavericks: A road cap.

The font from the jersey would have been better, in my opinion.

Now, as much as I loved the alternate logo, I was lukewarm at best for this one. The first thing, which was actually something my wife pointed out, is that it resembles the Del Taco logo. The other thing, and this is huge, is why the letters don't match up with any aspect of the Mavericks uniform? I believe the HD should have used the same font as the primary cap and jersey. I'm not sure how well these caps have sold, but the last game I went to, this one was not available, which means either they're not restocking it, or it just sells out. Honestly, because it is my "home team" I really hope it's the latter.

I give the team a lot of credit for updating their logo while keeping the awesome primary M cap intact. I do feel that this cap should be the alternate and not the road, as I prefer the cowboy logo and think it should be the road. Also, I don't really like wearing this one. I should say the main reason I don't like to wear it.has nothing to do with the logo, it's because it is made in China and has a rather large crown. Hopefully next season I will find one either U.S. made, or one that fits a little better.

But it is my home team and I'm always proud to represent. Go Mavs Go!

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