Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Era Deep Cuts - 5 of 365 - Lethbridge Mounties

Today's Deep Cuts selection is a cap I honestly don't believe I've ever worn in public. It's the onfield cap of the defunct Lethbridge Mounties of the rookie level Pioneer League. They only existed as the Mounties between 1992-95, at which point they became the Lethbridge Black Diamonds.

Alberta had quite a few affiliated minor league teams back then.

One issue I've always had with this cap is something that is/was typical of caps from the early 90s, that being the high crown. If this cap was available in a contemporary New Era style I would rock that thing regularly. But this cap has a particularly high crown (even though it is in my size) and it just doesn't look right. It is a great piece that I am glad is a part of my collection.

I don't have many onfield baseball caps that use a wordmark as the primary logo. I think the "Mounties" would have looked great on a jersey, where the grinning Mountie holding the baseball bat alone might have made for an awesome cap. But I was looking at something unique and rare. And I've only seen this cap in a fitted New Era version available a few times since I got this one.


  1. Hello, can you please tell me where you found both the hat and the jersey? I played for Lethbridge (very, very briefly before a horrible injury) and have been desperately trying to find both.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey i also played for the mounties im canseco aviles 1995

  2. Would you consider selling the Mounties cap? Let me know.