Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Era Deep Cuts - 7 of 365 - San Diego Padres

Today's Deep Cuts cap is a member of that awesome MLB Turn Back The Clock club. Back in 2011, in order to commemorate 75 years of baseball in San Diego, the Padres donned the uniforms of the 1936 Pacific Coast League San Diego Padres. The result was one of the more interesting designs of all TBTC caps ever worn or produced.

Back in black.
That's right. All black. No logo. Pure awesome. I ventured into a HatClub (probably Victoria Gardens) and grabbed one of these. In fact, I almost bought two. But not to wear it as a Padres cap. The truth is that I was hoping to affix my beloved Junior Gilliam memorial #19 patch to it. I figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a fitted New Era cap with my favorite number on it. In fact there are pictures of my cap wall where you can see the #19 patch resting on this cap so I could imagine what it would look like. However, after wearing the cap a couple of times I abandoned the idea and felt, correctly so, that it was best to just leave it as it was. Turns out that this has actually become quite the sought after piece.

It almost has the feel of an umpire cap, or some sort of official's headgear. It does have the MLB logo (in black and white) on the back of the cap. To me, it just doesn't feel like a cap that can be worn casually, which is why I've never worn it since after the first couple of days after I purchased it. Even sitting on the shelf nestled between my two other Padres caps, it stands out. It almost appears as a black hole in the collection. As if something should be there that isn't. It's hard to explain. Among all these other bright caps with sharp logos, there's this blank black cap. Even though I may never wear it again, I will always be glad that I did. And even more glad I did nothing to alter it.

Maybe I should have bought two after all.

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