Friday, February 11, 2011

Expansion Sucks

So I'm preparing for a yard sale tomorrow and I came across some old articles of clothing that I suppose would be considered "vintage" these days. Though I'm not selling them, it is sad because I have no prayer of ever fitting in to these. Apparently, when I bought these 15+ years ago, I did not consider (as I do these days) that I would not always weigh 130 lbs. Anyway, I thought I'd share.

This is a California Angels Starter dugout jacket 1) before the Disney-era logo and 2) before the dugout jacket designs got stupid with the lame alternate colored left sleeve. When I bought this jacket, I was actually looking for an XL (I have a Rockies jacket in the same design) but all they had was an L. For some reason I thought that was okay and I bought it. Yeah, well I don't think I've ever worn it. Even though I'll never fit into it, it's just too nice to part with. Sigh...

As you can see by the numerous holes, I literally wore this sweatshirt out. It is actually an XL, but a small XL at best. I wore this every Sunday during football season for probably 10 seasons before it just got too worn out. I did break it out during Super Bowl XL thinking it might bring some good luck. We all know how that turned out. This is an instance where I should have thought ahead and bought two. But in 1993 (when I estimate I purchased this) why would I have thought that I would 1) ever get older, and 2) that the Seahawks would change to their ridiculous colors and logo? Sigh...

However, I did find a sweatshirt that works the opposite way:

This is the original (and superior, in my opinion) logo of the Lake Elsinore Storm, then the class-A California League affiliate of the California Angels. The sweatshirt is rather gaudy and not a style that I would purchase today, but apparently 17 years ago I had the foresight to purchase this in a 2XL. Since it's pretty much been in deep storage for the past decade or more and it's in good shape, I'm going to wash and air dry this sucker, and see how it fits. Perfect excuse to wear my Lake Elsinore Storm caps during the offseason.

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