Thursday, February 10, 2011

Latest Acquisitions (jerseys)

I don't purchase jerseys like I used to. I've maybe acquired 3 or 4 jerseys (baseball, hockey) in the past two years. When I do get one, it is one I really want. Today, I received this one (a late Christmas present from my wife):

A vintage Vancouver Canucks jersey made by CCM. I've coveted one of these for years. I had a Canucks throwback many years ago, but it was made by a different manufacturer and was more cottony and didn't fit as well. In my opinion, nobody makes better jerseys than CCM, and since Reebok is making the authentics, I love getting these throwbacks. CCM jerseys are just so much more comfortable to me. But I digress... this jersey is gorgeous. There were a lot of players whose names I could have had put on the jersey, but Markus Naslund was an outstanding player, and the fact that he wore (and recently had retired by the Canucks) the number 19 made it a no-brainer.

Two weeks ago I acquired this jersey:
A minor league Modesto A's jersey probably worn in the late 1990s or early 2000s. I've never been a fan of the Oakland A's, but this jersey was a steal at $15 on eBay. I have a Kansas City Athletics cap in the same colors that I could wear this with if I wanted to. Nobody would know. And yes, that it was the number 19 made it so much sweeter.

I'll have to explain my obsession with the number 19 someday. It's an interesting story. Okay, it's not really interesting, but I'll explain it someday anyway.

The Canucks jersey was purchased from based out of Canada. I've purchased numerous jerseys from them over the years. The best place to go to get the real thing.

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